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Membership: Your Support is Minglewood’s Lifeline

Your donation through Membership is critically important to Minglewood. Our mission to teach students about sustainable food production and environmental stewardship is vital to our region. Every gift you make opens the eyes of a student to the world of nature. 

Your tax-deductible gift to Minglewood makes things happen: workshops, lessons in classrooms, and programs that reach out to hundreds of students, and adults, to inspire and educate them about our natural world and farm-to-table food sources.

Please consider contributing. With your Membership, we can, and do, make a difference in teaching sustainable food production and environmental stewardship. Memberships also include educational benefits and discounts, as shown below.

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Your donation of ANY amount is always welcome. 

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To donate a different amount, please call Margie at (336) 351-2945  

or mail your donation to MFNP at 238 Minglewood Rd., Westfield, NC, 27053