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Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve

Welcome to Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve

Our Story

Who We Are  

Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to teach sustainable food production and environmental stewardship. We provide meaningful environmental education opportunities for all ages through curriculum-based field trips and classroom programs, workshops, and more. We work primarily in Surry, Stokes, and Forsyth Counties, spreading awareness and inspiring care for our local food system and native ecology. 

How We Got Here

Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve was established in 2014 by Margie and Bill Imus and is based at their 65-acre property in Surry County, North Carolina. Minglewood represents decades of Margie and Bill’s love for their local environment and community. 

In 1987, Bill and a partner opened a successful restaurant, the Cumberland Café, in Winston-Salem, NC where he realized the need for locally grown seasonal produce delivered directly to restaurants. Acting on this passion, they bought land in Surry County and began farming full time to supply produce to local restaurants and flowers to Margie’s floral shop. Over many years they have restored the former tobacco land to native forest and productive farmland, realizing the transformative power of working with the land. 

Living and laboring on their property has fostered a profound appreciation for a healthy, diverse ecosystem and a deep knowledge of organic farming and native plants & animals. Margie and Bill decided to transition to the nonprofit world and establish Minglewood to share their knowledge and help nurture others’ relationships with nature through education.  

Why Our Work Matters

Minglewood provides important experiential learning opportunities for both children and adults that bring students into nature. We believe this is critical exposure for developing respectful human-nature relationships and a land ethic supporting environmental sustainability. We aim to demonstrate the many ways that people benefit from nature, bring awareness to local environmental issues, and inspire younger generations to become future environmental leaders. 

We continue to grow our capacity for providing effective environmental education with the help of our supporters and the surrounding community and are excited for the future of Minglewood!